Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Fantabulous Kit from Sylvo

Here is the kit that was sent to me from Sylvo. It included (from left to right clockwise): knit picks Wool of the Andes for the snake and mouse pattern, Gingerbread cookie mix, knit picks cable needles, knit picks darning needles, penguin stitch markers, Horcrux stitch markers, a fabulous book!, two sets of DPNs, Mexican chocolate disks, scouting stamps, and the most amazing felted project bag ... ever!
This is my dog, Rose. She liked the smell of the chocolate as I unwrapped it. (See her tongue!)
The felted Hallows and Horcruxes bag. The goodies just kept coming out! All wrapped in house colors. The stitch markers and needles, and cable needles were all tucked inside.
This is a close up of the stitch markers. She said this was the first time she'd ever made stitch markers. They are fabulous! I got several sizes, too! Aren't the penguin's cute? She made the horcruxes out of fimo clay!

Thanks again, Sylvo! I LOVE everything about this kit and I can't wait to try out everything! I need to find a project for those cable needles now!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Almost the End

Well, it's almost the end of another swap. I have had so much fun putting together Mystry Moonbleu's kit. With a few _____ and a pack of _____, and the _______ and _______ that I am sending, I think she is going to love it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


  1. To which prison was Gellert Grindelwald sent after he was defeated by Dumbledore in 1945? Nurmengard

  2. Who is the first casualty in The Deathly Hallows? Charity Burbage

  3. What does Draco Malfoy name his son? Scorpius

  4. Before Harry gains control of it, who is the master of the Elder Wand? Draco Malfoy

  5. Severus Snape’s Patronus takes the same form as which other character’s? Lily Potter's

  6. Where do Ron, Hermione and Harry apparate when Death Eaters invade Bill and Fleur’s wedding? Tottenham Court Road

  7. Who does Harry send to search for Mundungus Fletcher and the missing locket? Kreacher

  8. Who destroys Salazar Slytherin’s locket? Ron

  9. What does Hermione use to destroy Helga Hufflepuff’s cup? A basilisk fang

  10. Following the death of Lord Voldemort, who is named temporary Minister of Magic? Kingsley Shacklebolt

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Here are all the horcruxes in one photo. Also, i have a picture of each of them separately.

Marvolo Gaunt's Ring.

Harry Potter (or more accurately, the bit of Voldemort's soul that latched onto Harry)

Helga Hufflepuff's Cup

Voldemort's Snake Nagini

Salazar Slytherin's Locket

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Tom Riddle's Diary

Friday, October 8, 2010

This is the awesome RAOK I got from Celestina Pettigrew. It was such an unexpected surprise. For some reason we didn't get a pic of the gator case's nose. But all of the supplies in the kit I have needed. Thanks Celestina.
  1. Why does Harry accuse Remus Lupin of being a coward? For wanting to leave Tonks when she is pregnant
  2. Who is R.A.B.? Regulus Arcturus Black
  3. According to legend, what would a person become if he could assemble the Deathly Hallows? Master of Death
  4. What is Ariana Dumbledore rumored to be? A squib
  5. What is written on Harry’s parents’ gravestone? "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death"
  6. Why does Krum want to fight Xenophilius Lovegood? For wearing the sign of the Deathly Hallows, which Krum calls "Grindelwald's sign"
  7. Why does Voldemort seek the Elder Wand? To have a wand that beats Harry's
  8. Where did Dumbledore’s family live? Godric's Hollow
  9. Whose eye does Harry see in his magic mirror shard? Aberforth Dumbledore
  10. What item does Harry steal from Gringotts? Hufflepuff's Cup (Voldemort's Horcrux)
  11. Where does Rita Skeeter get her information about Dumbledore? Bathilda Bagshot
  12. What is inside the Snitch that Dumbledore leaves Harry? Gaunt's Ring (the Resurrection Stone)
  13. Why does Dumbledore leave Ron a Deluminator? Because he knew he would leave and come back and would need guidance
  14. Why has Hermione not read The Tales of Beedle the Bard? She is a Muggle-born and did not grow up with those fairy tales
  15. What is Dumbledore’s greatest regret? Helping Gellert Grindelwald
  16. Whose mail did Snape open? Petunia Evans'
  17. What form does Snape’s Patronus take? A doe
  18. Why can the Sword of Gryffindor destroy Horcruxes? Because it retained the Basilisk's venom after Harry stabbed it
  19. What name is given to wizards who help Mudbloods? Blood Traitors
  20. How do Harry and his friends enter the Ministry of Magic? Through toilets
  21. Who made Harry’s wand? Ollivander
Essay Question
Choose one of the following questions and post your answer to your blog.
  1. How does Harry change over the course of the novel? Is The Deathly Hallows a true coming-of-age story?
  2. In what ways do the dead speak to the living in this book?
  3. In what way do Ron and Hermione act as foils for Harry, drawing out his qualities and characteristics more clearly?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 3 Blogging Assignment

  1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. Owl Droppings
  3. Leaf Fall
  4. Weasley 's Wizard Weases
  5. Quaffle Quidditch
  6. Hallow Deathly
  7. Mad Hatter (not really sure why that, but oh well. Was in a small Alice in Wonderland play last year at the dance recital and my friend was the Mad Hatter.)
  8. Dragon Egg
  9. Crystal City (Again, not sure why this. It is in a book series I read The Tales of Alvin Maker)
  10. Trees Forest
  11. Hermione Brainiac
  12. Hogwarts Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, teach us something please!
  13. Burrow Weasleys
  14. Dobby The House Elf
  15. Horcrux Nagini
  16. Ministry of Magic
  17. Magic in the Making (Movie magic perhaps?)
  18. Sirius Black
  19. Apple Juice (Served at breakfast no doubt)
  20. Juice Squeezer (Why squeezer I do not know)
  21. Candle Lighter
  22. Ghost Light (In the movie Cars, there is a blue orb of light called the Ghost Light)
  23. Snake Fangs
  24. Wand Elder
  25. Invisibility Cloak
  26. Tent Poles
  27. Spell Book
  28. Umbridge Professor Umbridge (mean)
  29. Dursely Dudley
  30. Prophet Daily

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 2

What 5 things would you not leave home without if you were going into hiding, camping, or running away and WHY.

Camping -

1) Food - it's one of the most important things to have.

2) Water - it's the most important thing to have to keep you alive.

3) Pocket knife - it can be tied to a stick for defense against wild animals, used to cleans hunted animals for food, and other basic camping necessities.

4) Extra clothing - to change into when other clothing is ruined.

5) First Aid Kit - for basic and more advanced injuries gathered when camping.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 1 of HSKS 12

  1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
Fleur Sweeting knits
  1. Someone who was born in the same month as you.
Schmutzerella Oglethorpe was born in November, like me.
  1. Someone from a different country.
Lizzie Wychwood I know lives in the UK, but I don't know if he's from there.
  1. A new HSKS Family member.
Angelina Frysia is new this year.
  1. Someone who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
Hermione Bagnold has been here since the beginning I think. If not, I know she's been in at least three.
  1. Someone who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!
Clara Clovehoof has more than I do. Actually, I think everyone does, as I only have one stashed.
  1. Someone who both knits and crochets.
Ambyr Phoenixfyre knits and crochets.
  1. Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Caradoc Brocklehurst. Blue rocks!
  1. Someone who has the same favorite season/holiday as you.
Dunno. My favorite season is autumn, at least when I am near trees that change color.
  1. Someone who has the same favorite fiber as you.
I don't have a favorite fiber. I like them all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Kit Has Arrived

My kit from Emma Gorodok (Selana) is here.

It came when I was watering the garden. Mom made me finish before I was allowed to open it. I was so excited to see what Emma had sent me.

This is what I found when I opened the box. Several little packages wrapped up with adorable frogs on them. The wrapping alone sent me ooh-ing and aah-ing.

The hand-made item she sent me was a Snake Scarf. It is extremely soft, and seems to be mixed with some Fun-Fur. My Cocker Spaniel Rose couldn't keep her nose away from it. As a matter-of-fact, she couldn't keep her nose out of the kit in general.

Another item was a little chest that had some stitch markers, a frog with a note holder on his back, and a little clay frog (he's in the back there). I can't wait to put something like my dance schedule or a homework reminder in the note holder.

All in all, here is my pond themed critter kit. Some delicious frog gummy candies (I think those were what Rose was after), the chest of little frogs, a pattern and yarn for a Red-Eyed Tree Frog (my favorite frog), the Snake Scarf, some Pebble candles, two leopard pencils, and a Green Hair Monster. Thank you soooooo much Selana. The frogs were perfect.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sending Week

Well, it's sending week at summer camp. I just need a few finishing touches on Winifred's kit before it goes with Myst to get delivered. I need to finish the ______________ before I send the kit. Maybe pick up a few _______. But it is going out soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I made Wingo!

I did it! I made a Wingo!

W5 - Has been in HSKS before - Siobhan Mooney
I5 - Has been on a multi-day camping or backpacking trip - Hermione Bagnold (The Sand Dunes)
N5 - Plays a musical instrument - Ambyr Phoenixfyre (flute and percussion)
G5 - Has the same birth month - Kitkatherine [don't know HP name] (November)
O5 - Brought a pet to summer camp - Celestina Pettigrew (Owl)


Okay, here's my info.

I have been on several multi-day backpacking and camping trips.
I play the trumpet
I have played Quidditch
I speak ASL
I have been to a castle (Craigdarroch Castle)
I was born in November
I own all the HP movies (and know half the lines, I'm proud to say)
I have 0 items in my Ravelry queue
I like Milky Ways and jelly bellies
I live in America
I saw all the HP films in the theatres
I have a pin collection
I have been on a train from Baltimore to Philidelphia
I have 3 siblings
I was bugler at a Cub Scout summer camp, if that counts as working there
I brought my dragon Glurp
My Patronus is a frog. I have always loved them, and I always will

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Camp Kickoff

Well, I'm off to summer camp, both for Hogwarts and Scouts. For my spoiler, I have picked these three kits: a Nature kit, a Critter kit, and a Games kit. Here are my reasons for picking those.

Nature kit: I have always loved the outdoors. I love going on nature walks and sitting in the woods behind my house. I have 3 foot pit I dug back there, along with a tree I have put steps into for climbing purposes. Nature is just one thing I always have loved and always will.

Critter kit: The critters I find outdoors are so much fun. My favorites are birds, chipmunks, and most of all . . . frogs. This pattern is one of my favorites. I also like reading, so this one is also one of my favorites.

Games kit: For the games, I like card games mostly. But not like poker or go fish. I play Magic the Gathering and the HP trading card game. But I would like a portable board game, like for chess, as it is one of my favorite board games.

For other things about me, here are a few items:

  • Knit or crochet or both?
I both knit and crochet.
  • Favorite fibers/least favorite fibers
I don't have a particular favorite or least, but I don't like scratchy yarns.
  • Favorite colors/least favorite colors
I like royal and ocean blues and golden yellow, or for a combo, lime green and yellow go well together.
  • Yarn weight preferences
Not fingering. I like anything else, though I have not tried sport, so that would be new
  • Favorite projects
I like shrinky-dinks and clay modeling. I especially like doing dragons, like Glurp.
  • Favorite gadgets
I don't have gadgets except for ones I use while camping, like knives, a compass, etc.
  • Salty or Sweet or...?
Sweet or sour! I like Jelly Bellies, especially the black licorice ones, chocolate, caramels, Warheads, and whoppers. I don't like the actual black licorice. I'm odd that way. No twizzlers or regular licorice. And no, repeat no, chocolate and peanuts/peanut butter. Blech!
  • Tea or Coffee or...?
Hot chocolate!
  • Allergies
Cats, cigarette smoke, and food dye/coloring (for my brother, but not me, especially in the way of the sweets/sours, as I don't think those will be shared.)
  • Other things you like, i.e., buttons, pens, fabric, stitchmarkers, etc.
I like odd little buttons, and I collect pins
  • Currently Craving
Chocolate and sour candies. Oh, and adventure
  • Measurements (feet for socks, wrists, head circumference)
Socks - tip of toe to back of heel - 11" Arch - 10 1/2" Ankle - 9" Widest part of foot - 10" Wrists - 7" Head Circumference - 23"
  • Whatever else you'd like to share!
I have two dogs, both of which like treats. I enjoy baking to the upteenth degree.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Muggle studies homework

Part 1: Short Answer

1. Explain why Muggles need electricty.

Because they are unable to use magic. Almost all Muggle children need their computers and other electronic devices.

2. What are the most common ways Muggles communicate when they are not together in the same place?

Video chat, cell phones, and e-mail

3. How do Muggles cope with broken items?

The kids throw a fit, and the adults either fix it themselves, try to make someone else fix it, or throw it away.

4. Describe a popular Muggle sport.

Football - a bunch of big smelly Muggles that tackle each other as they try to move an oblong ball toward the end of a large field for points.

5. Name something you'd like to try doing without magic, and how you would accomplish it.

Washing a dog - I would have a friend hold the dog in a bucket, pour water on it, rub some soap ino its fur, and then rinse it out and repeat until the dog is clean.

Part 2: Identify these common Muggle items.

1. A small squared-off rod held in the hand with many soft buttons on one side with numbers and words written on them.

A remote control

2. A metal box with a long, handled hose, which counts several sets of numbers when you compress the handle.

A gas pump

3. A heavy rod with a single button that emits light when pushed.

A flashlight

4. A small, thin, glossy rectangle that has pictures on one side and emits a variety of noises, often attached to Muggles' ears with a thin cord.

An Ipod

5. A large cabinet with one glass side, displaying a variety of neatly organized items, which occasionally spits one out when the correct code is entered.

A vending machine

Part 3: Find a picture of the following Muggles and describe why they are famous.

1. Spike Jonze - famous director

2. Oprah Winfrey - talk show host

3. Bono - famous singer and musician and lead singer of Irish rock band U2

4. Elizabeth II - Queen of England

5. J.K. Rowling - only Muggle to know about wizards and not be married to one. Documentar of Harry Potter's life.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surprise mail by owl

Sometime last week, I got a mysterious package in the mail. It was my prize from Hermione for the 100% blogging. I found multiple wrappings inside the brown paper. The picture shows our little puppy thinking it might be for her.

As soon as all the wrapping was off, I opened the little box and received a HUGE surprise.

Hermione had sent me a calligraphy pen, in Ravenclaw colors of course. Thank you Hermione!

And now, the kit I received from Fleur Sweeting.

A first glance reveals a note, yarn, a box, and a little bag.

Here is all of the items in the box. The kit was themed after Sirius Black. It included a compass to make sure I didn't get lost, Puppy chow and snacks disguised as dog treats, the yarn and needles for a Cerus Scarf, a small notebook, a bag which I believe is to hold my yarn on a chair, my own copy of Charmed Knits, and a mini sock kit. Also other items I will go into detail with.

This hat she knit is a reversible skull cap. She spent 3 hours watching Prisoner of Azkaban in freeze frame so she could study Sirius' tattoos.

This little guy was a thank you from Ronnica and Fleur for playing Beater for them. Their names are Gilderoy (the sleeping/unconscious one that reminds me of Professor Lockhart after his memory charm backfired) and Godric (the brave, fierce one that reminds me of Godric Gryffindor).

And finally, stitch markers with little birdies on them. Fleur sent them because a wizard always needs to have a way to communicate and owls are not always handy.

These were my surprises from owls. One from Italy, and on from Las Vegas. Thank you Hermione and Fleur!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Arithmancy Homework

Ok, I got my homework done, and not at the last minute like usual. My three answers are:

Puzzle #1 - Dobby

Puzzle #2 - Harry Potter

Puzzle #3 - Hog's Head

Friday, May 21, 2010


Find one person for each of these questions. No repeats!

Who is new to HSKS this Term? dogwithbooks (don't know HSKS name)
Who has played Quidditch for their House this Term? Ronnica (Rowena Bladvak)
Who is working on the same project (WIP) as you?
Who has more items in their Queue than you? misslucy (Fleur Sweeting)
Who has donated to SPEW this Term? Dragonsinger (Rowan Dragonsinger)
Who has participated in Dueling Club this Term? ajkane (Clara Clovenhoof)
Who lives within 100 miles of you? bartlebean (Ambyr Phoenixfyre)
Who is from a different country than you? smileynetta (Hermione Bagnold)


Comment on at least one blog from each of the other houses. List their names here and something you learned about them from their blog post.

Lizzie Wychwood from Gryffindor - Even when she is on holiday, she still finds time to knit.

Storm Ivory from Hufflepuff - From what I read, she is writing a novel.

Minerva Lovegood of Slytherin - She didn't have much said, but she is raising chicks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Go Ravenclaw!

Good luck at the match Ravenclaws! I hope I will not be tardy.



Well, it's good bye Hogwarts for the weekend. My Dad is taking me and my two brothers backpacking. We currently are getting all the gear split up. We will be buying food on the way up, so hopefully we will have enough room for it in our packs. I will see you all when we get back. Maybe I can even convince Mom to let me borrow her old camera so I can have a few pictures of the trip to show.

And Ravenclaws, I am praying that I will be back in time for the match. If I am late, I hope Amethyst/Loomatic will not mind filling in for me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Potions Homework - Part 3

My brother and I made a little orange and chocolate smoothie that was EXTREMELY GOOD!! You take a quarter cup orange juice concentrate, a fudge Oreo, half a waffle cone (it's hiding behind the blender), a full squirt of Ghiradelli chocolate (or your favorite liquid chocolate), a quarter cup of heavy cream, some orange zest, and a half an orange. Then, you throw it all in the blender, get it all mixed and crushed, then poor into your favorite cup.

And Voila! Choco-orange smoothie.

Potions Homework - Part 2

1. Sneezewort, scurvy grass, and lovage are used to make what?

B:Confusing Draught

2. Porcupine quills are to be added when to a Boil Cure Potion?

D: After it is removed from the fire

3. What potion, if brewed correctly, should change color numerous times throughout brewing including deep purple, lilac, and finishing clear?

A: The Draught of Living Death

4. This ingredient in the Draught of Peace, would likely bring you permanent peace since it is poisonous, what is it?

D: Hellebore

5. Chopped daisy roots, skinned shrivel-fig, sliced caterpillar, one rat spleen, dash of leech juice are all ingredients to what?

C: Shrinking Solution

Each correct answer is worth 10 points each
Total possible points for this section is 50 points

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Potions Homework - Part 1

Bloodblossom - I honestly don't know why they call it that, because the blossoms are white or cream. Can be used as a blood thinner in potions. Maybe Fred and George could experiment with it for Nosebleed Nougats.

Strawberry Blossom - Although not my favorite jam, I love eating a ripe and juicy strawberry. I would use these in a Euphoria potion probably. Just the smell makes me think "summer."

Moonlace - Although this particular specimen is rather dry and tinted with green, it is normally white and has a little glow around it. Planting must be done in the light of the moon though. In its healthy state, it has a very soft texture. But when dried, it is EXTREMELY rough. I would use a healthy specimen for lotions, but I might prank someone by giving them a sample that was made with a dried bit of moonlace.

Purple Pixie Bells - A light purple bloom often used bye pixie's as a drinking cup. They can be used by wizards/witches to trap pixies by simply casting an engorgement charm on the flower, filling it with honey, and waiting for the pixie(s) in the area to start gorging themselves. After that, the wizard/witch merely has to shrink the bloom, thereby shrinking the pixie(s) and then carry the cup away and deposit it somewhere else.

African violets - Very deep purple flowers that are very soft to the touch. Though infamous for its reputation of being very difficult to care for, it is the only flower my mom has ever been able to keep alive for an extended period of time. Because it is so soft and lovely looking, I would probably use the flowers in either a skin softener or love potion.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mad Lib Final Edition

Harry Potter And The Curse of Dudley

Harry Potter, the boy wonder, the talker of the wizarding world; sat alone in his tiny bedroom scratching his tongue and cleaning the peanut butter out of Hedwig's cage. This summer wasn't nearly as boring as his previous summers had been.

Over the summer, his cousin Dudley had grown quite frightened of him. Harry secretly kept cursing him, even though under age use of magic was strictly forbidden outside of Hogsun-burned's school of Choo-choo traincraft and Excuses.

It seemed the wizarding world turned a blind nose hair when it came to Harry, and he never got in trouble for his... transgressions.

One particularly memorable curse on Dudley happened on the 14th of June. It was so hot, you could annoy a/an name on the sidewalk.

Dudley sat on his enormous arm in front of the telly, spooning Ziploc baggie-ful after Ziploc baggie-ful of lasagna down his throat. Harry thought he looked rather houndish, with his piggy little eyes and fat body.

Harry got an evil little grin on his toenail and raised his wand behind Dudley's head. "Absum" he shouted; which translated to English means "Turn this boy's head into a Pinova apple and make him dance around like a Cocker spaniel with Epilepsy!"

And that's just what Dudley did! He slapped off the couch, screamed "Woop-de-doo!" to the top of his lungs, and began working on the floor, while turning in circles and flapping his teeth.

Harry was laughing so hard, he almost peed his socks. He was still laughing, and Dudley was still flapping, when Uncle Vernon came thundering down the stairs. He had gone a nice shade of purple. He looked at Harry, shaking in anger, then looked at Dudley, horrified. "EVERYONE, FOR NEXT WEEK, WILL THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!" he screamed, then calmly turned and walked away.

Harry and Dudley looked at each other in abject confusion. Harry shrugged his shoulders in a "beats me" gesture, and the two cousins sat on the sofa, temporarily forgetting their animosity toward one another.

Dudley lifted the half empty Ziploc baggie of lasagna and offered it to Harry.

"Don't mind if I do!" said the bespectacled young man, grabbing a spoon and preparing to dine.

Dudley's teeth gave one mighty final flap, and the boys had a most enjoyable evening, indeed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mad Lib

1. a verb - Annoy
2. a number - 14
3. a body part - Nose Hair
4. an abstract noun - I didn't know what to put
5. a noun - Choo-Choo Train
6. a skin condition - Sun-burned
8. type of person/stereotype - Talker
9. a substance - Peanut Butter
10. a fortune cookie phrase in all capital letters - EVERYONE, FOR THE NEXT WEEK, WILL THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!
11. article of clothing - Socks
12. verb ending in "-ed" - Slapped
13. neurological disorder - Epilepsy?
14. an animal - Cocker Spaniel
15. a fruit - Pinova apple
16. a latin (sounding) phrase in all capital letters - ABSUM!
17. a body part - Toenail
19. a food - Lasagna
20. a body part in plural - Teeth
21. a verb ending in "-ing" - Working
22. a nonsensical word in all capital letters - Woop-de-doo?
23. a container - Ziploc baggie
24. a body part - Arm
25. a noun - Name

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Care of Magical Creatures Homework

I did the homework, except I can't seem to move the picture. So I'll start by describing what I picked to use in Care of Magical Creatures.

1. Raw meat to attract Thestrals.
2. Wood lice (in the glass bowl) to appease Bowtruckles.
3. A neck band to protect against vampire bats.
4. Binoculars to study creatures from afar that I wouldn't want to study up close.
5. A tank to study freshly caught Grindylows and Plimpies.

A house elf as wrinkly skin and has very large tennis ball eyes. It has a large nose, but like humans, they differ from elf to elf. It normally wears something like a household item, like Dobby's pillow case and Winky's tea towel.

Kreacher is the house elf of the Black Family.

Hermione is making hats for the house elfs.

You free a house elf by giving it clothes.

S.P.E.W. stands for The Society of the Promotion of Elfish Welfare

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transfiguration Homework

My identification mark. The frog I received in my swap package.

Hagrid's Rock Cakes

"Toothuth Breakuth"

Golden Snitch

"Forgetus Not"

"Twiggy Animatus"

Decoy Detonator

"Dynamite Shrinkydink"

Nose Biting Tea Cup
"Tooth Growthus Maxiumus"

"Oh your head must really hurt, let me see all those rackspurts."

Time Turner
"Clockus Rewind Us"
It is late. I am going to bed. I will fill in the blanks tomorrow with more specifics. But for now, my homework is done.