Saturday, June 13, 2009

Messy Camp Cleanup

I spent the morning cleaning out the camp's storage room. It hasn't had a thorough cleaning in at least a year. So Ambyr and I (along with my dad) took out all the garbage, sorted through old coloring books, got rid of old computers and electronic stuff (dad took it to the recycling center), and swept the place clean. Talk about hard work. But now it is done, and the camp can now store broomsticks, old gnome repellants, and curious Muggle artifacts and know exactly where they are.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Not-so-good news

Well, I had ballet today, and for some reason, my left foot kept hurting. And because it was hurting on the bone near the top, I had to role through it every time I jumped to make sure I didn't make noise when I landed.

Turns out ... I probably have a stress fracture. Won't know until after we go to the doctor. But as we have a show coming up, if I go to the doc, and I do have a fracture, he will tell me to not dance. So I have to suck it up for a couple weeks. Fingers crossed it doesn't get worse.

I'm Bored

I either need to make some of my famous Cranberry Surprizes or start learning how to knit socks ... and purl ... or plant some carrots ... or haunt HSKS8 for more summer camp info. Can you tell I don't know what to write and I'm bored?????????

Packing for Summer Camp

Oatmeal is made ... toothbrush is packed ... waiting for cabin assignment.