Friday, October 23, 2009


Nearing the end.

The end!


Shuntbumping experiences

Well, the deadline is out, but I'm still going to finish my hat. It is actually almost done. If it weren't for the fact that I'm extremely slow and I am NOT a sleep knitter, I would say I had done it all my own. I think G'Whymzy has been fast at work at night. Thank heavens we have a knitting dragon in the house. It should be done in a bit.

Where in the World is Winnie

Well, Winnie has certainly been busy. What with visiting a castle on one side of the world and getting maple syrup on the other. Ambyr and I did a bit of research and have come to a decision. She will be visiting Dunedin, New Zealand for that "organizing" breath of spring air. Her second stop for Siobhan's maple syrup will be at the Sugar Shack in St.-Donat, Quebec, which is situatedon the lakes Archambault and Ouareau in the Laurentian mountains. Good luck with the syrup Professor! Don't get any on your broomtail, as that could be disastrous for direction.