Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mad Lib

1. a verb - Annoy
2. a number - 14
3. a body part - Nose Hair
4. an abstract noun - I didn't know what to put
5. a noun - Choo-Choo Train
6. a skin condition - Sun-burned
8. type of person/stereotype - Talker
9. a substance - Peanut Butter
10. a fortune cookie phrase in all capital letters - EVERYONE, FOR THE NEXT WEEK, WILL THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!
11. article of clothing - Socks
12. verb ending in "-ed" - Slapped
13. neurological disorder - Epilepsy?
14. an animal - Cocker Spaniel
15. a fruit - Pinova apple
16. a latin (sounding) phrase in all capital letters - ABSUM!
17. a body part - Toenail
19. a food - Lasagna
20. a body part in plural - Teeth
21. a verb ending in "-ing" - Working
22. a nonsensical word in all capital letters - Woop-de-doo?
23. a container - Ziploc baggie
24. a body part - Arm
25. a noun - Name

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Care of Magical Creatures Homework

I did the homework, except I can't seem to move the picture. So I'll start by describing what I picked to use in Care of Magical Creatures.

1. Raw meat to attract Thestrals.
2. Wood lice (in the glass bowl) to appease Bowtruckles.
3. A neck band to protect against vampire bats.
4. Binoculars to study creatures from afar that I wouldn't want to study up close.
5. A tank to study freshly caught Grindylows and Plimpies.

A house elf as wrinkly skin and has very large tennis ball eyes. It has a large nose, but like humans, they differ from elf to elf. It normally wears something like a household item, like Dobby's pillow case and Winky's tea towel.

Kreacher is the house elf of the Black Family.

Hermione is making hats for the house elfs.

You free a house elf by giving it clothes.

S.P.E.W. stands for The Society of the Promotion of Elfish Welfare