Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Kit ... Is Here!

My kit from Hexy arrived today! I was so excited. I had to wait to open the box up long enough so Mom could get her camera to get the photographs.This is the shell box Hexy sent me. She got it from Tybee Island. She finds it the most peaceful and magical place on Earth. She sent me my own little box of stitch markers and a homemade one in the box.

This is an overall picture of the kit. I absolutely love the way she incorporated Ravenclaw colors into the kit. Complete with bag, patterns, needles, candy, and homemade snitch to name some of the items in it.

This is the patter for a dream pillow. It is a dog dishcloth pattern on the yellow paper, and behind the pattern, Hexy gave me handwritten instructions on how to make the cloth to a dream pillow. In the blue bag, she sent hand-grown herbs from her garden to put in the pillow.

This is the other pattern for a Neck Warmer/Headband. I am looking forward to using it this winter.

All in all, I absolutely love this kit. It was definitely worth the wait to get this kit!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting ... Waiting ... and Waiting

Well, it seems I am the lucky one who will receive their kit extra late. I have high hopes that it will come this week because I got an e-mail from Hexy saying she mailed it last Saturday, (the 15th). So here's hoping my package comes, because I have been haunting the mailbox and mailman for my box. :)