Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surprise mail by owl

Sometime last week, I got a mysterious package in the mail. It was my prize from Hermione for the 100% blogging. I found multiple wrappings inside the brown paper. The picture shows our little puppy thinking it might be for her.

As soon as all the wrapping was off, I opened the little box and received a HUGE surprise.

Hermione had sent me a calligraphy pen, in Ravenclaw colors of course. Thank you Hermione!

And now, the kit I received from Fleur Sweeting.

A first glance reveals a note, yarn, a box, and a little bag.

Here is all of the items in the box. The kit was themed after Sirius Black. It included a compass to make sure I didn't get lost, Puppy chow and snacks disguised as dog treats, the yarn and needles for a Cerus Scarf, a small notebook, a bag which I believe is to hold my yarn on a chair, my own copy of Charmed Knits, and a mini sock kit. Also other items I will go into detail with.

This hat she knit is a reversible skull cap. She spent 3 hours watching Prisoner of Azkaban in freeze frame so she could study Sirius' tattoos.

This little guy was a thank you from Ronnica and Fleur for playing Beater for them. Their names are Gilderoy (the sleeping/unconscious one that reminds me of Professor Lockhart after his memory charm backfired) and Godric (the brave, fierce one that reminds me of Godric Gryffindor).

And finally, stitch markers with little birdies on them. Fleur sent them because a wizard always needs to have a way to communicate and owls are not always handy.

These were my surprises from owls. One from Italy, and on from Las Vegas. Thank you Hermione and Fleur!


  1. What fabulous packages - I love the quill pen, and that Sirius hat is amazing - I have tried double knitting and it is not easy!

  2. Wow, that's pretty amazing! Fleur spoiled you rotten!