Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okay, here's my info.

I have been on several multi-day backpacking and camping trips.
I play the trumpet
I have played Quidditch
I speak ASL
I have been to a castle (Craigdarroch Castle)
I was born in November
I own all the HP movies (and know half the lines, I'm proud to say)
I have 0 items in my Ravelry queue
I like Milky Ways and jelly bellies
I live in America
I saw all the HP films in the theatres
I have a pin collection
I have been on a train from Baltimore to Philidelphia
I have 3 siblings
I was bugler at a Cub Scout summer camp, if that counts as working there
I brought my dragon Glurp
My Patronus is a frog. I have always loved them, and I always will

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