Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Fantabulous Kit from Sylvo

Here is the kit that was sent to me from Sylvo. It included (from left to right clockwise): knit picks Wool of the Andes for the snake and mouse pattern, Gingerbread cookie mix, knit picks cable needles, knit picks darning needles, penguin stitch markers, Horcrux stitch markers, a fabulous book!, two sets of DPNs, Mexican chocolate disks, scouting stamps, and the most amazing felted project bag ... ever!
This is my dog, Rose. She liked the smell of the chocolate as I unwrapped it. (See her tongue!)
The felted Hallows and Horcruxes bag. The goodies just kept coming out! All wrapped in house colors. The stitch markers and needles, and cable needles were all tucked inside.
This is a close up of the stitch markers. She said this was the first time she'd ever made stitch markers. They are fabulous! I got several sizes, too! Aren't the penguin's cute? She made the horcruxes out of fimo clay!

Thanks again, Sylvo! I LOVE everything about this kit and I can't wait to try out everything! I need to find a project for those cable needles now!


  1. Fabulous - I love the horcrux stitchmarkers, some people are so creative with this stuff, I was always hopeless at sculpting, so am always impressed when I see such excellence!

  2. I'm so glad you liked everything Gryphon!! Have fun with all your goodies!!